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Do those words sound familiar?  I think I’ve been listening to the Mase Pandora station too much.  There’s something special about 90s rap, aka the Mase and Puff Daddy era.  Anyway – you should breathe, stretch, shake and let it go because today is National Relaxation Day.

It takes a lot to tame George Costanza

Now a days it seems there’s a day for everything.  I know last Thursday was National Rum day (I had Italian for dinner, so I had to take a raincheck), and yesterday was National Lemonade Day; wait, maybe that was two weeks ago (national social days are hard to track).

Johnny Depp in the Rum Diary never forgot about rum (a film I highly recommend).

Despite funny national social days, I like the idea of celebrating National Relaxation Day.  The Washingtonian clued me in on this holiday and listed 7 quick de-stressers, all of which are attainable.   Sometimes we get caught up in our electronics, jobs, families and social lives and forget that we should just stop and relax; and, you should do so for your health and the people in your life – they’ll like you better!

Yoga and massages are no longer for women only; guys, just embrace it because they’re both awesome and they feel awesome.  Men’s Health reported this week on a study which found that smiling is an instant de-stresser, even if it’s a fake one!  So, take a walk outside, breathe, stretch, and disconnect for a bit and create a healthy environment for yourself, your body will thank you.  Enjoy the rest of your week. Cheers.

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