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Today’s post is leading you to another post (read me!), a post by former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

One tough cookie, Jennifer Granholm.

A fiery force of female, Ms. Granholm makes a strong case directed at Speaker John Boehner for the continuation of the wind production tax credit set to expire at the end of this year (for a full list of credits expiring at this year’s end, see my previous post “Year of the Tax“).  She takes a direct swing at Boehner, noting that his state of Ohio “saw a whopping 900 percent growth for new installations of wind power in 2011.”  She adds that “more than 50 manufacturing companies for wind components are located [in Ohio], and the industry supports thousands of Ohio jobs.”  It’d sure be a shame to loses the 37,000 jobs the wind sector is bringing to the table, especially since Congress claims to be all about job creation and growth.

Granholm doesn’t just open up on Boehner, though; she throws some punches at the Republican party more broadly.  My favorite: she makes the stinging observation that Republicans, despite their rhetoric, have been picking energy “winners and losers.” She asks, “How is it that they can vote to extend tax credits for oil but not for wind?”

Great question, Jen.  When you get an answer, give us a holler.  We’d be curious as to the answer.

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