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Last week, a book that sparked the grass-roots movement and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) turned 50! Salley O’Malley is 50! 5-0.

She kicks, shimmies and shakes

The book is Silent Spring, and the author was Rachel Carson.  Carson was an unsuspecting fighter, and was the first to write about disproportionate use of pesticides in communities.  The Natural Resources Defense Council commented that the fight on pesticides is ongoing till this day and that Silent Spring brought an incredible awareness to the issue. Carson was born a gifted writer, and had a passion for writing at an early age.  She attended the Pennsylvania College for Women and earned a master’s degree in zoology from Johns Hopkins (she did not start Spinach, that was us).

Carson never intended for Silent Spring to be the political punch that it was.  She only lightly recommended that the pesticide DDT be banned, but did not call on political figures to take action.  Instead, Silent Spring sparked research on the chemical while the chemical industry condoned her, and even J.Edgar Hoover performed a private investigation on her.  Many criticized Silent Spring for its unsettling tone; USA Today reported (great video at this site too!) that Carson developed breast cancer while writing Silent Spring and that led to some of the dark and strong language in the book.  Carson passed away only 18 months after the book was published. Her intention for Silent Spring was to show people that if they harm nature, nature could harm them back.  I think we’ve all seen this time after time, disaster after disaster across the world.

My favorite Rachel Carson quote:

“Man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.”

Have a great weekend, and get outdoors to appreciate the fall foliage. Cheers.

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Hold onto your hats for this announcement.  NASCAR fans are in for some environmental education.  Not the sit down classroom kind, but the kind that provides resources on recycling, green products, and sustainability (just what The Green Light loves) at its races.  Last week, NASCAR and EPA signed an agreement to promote environmental awareness at NASCAR events and to work together on solutions that benefit the environment (can hybrids hit the same speeds as race cars?).  Perhaps the next Fast & Furious film will include hybrid race cars – they are making a F&F 6!  Maybe it will include this Porsche electric race car?

Mobil appears to be a fan of electric race cars

That aside, the announcement is exciting (despite the immediate fan backlash in the comments section on the NASCAR press release).  NASCAR is the second most popular sport in the U.S. to football, which is a very large fan base!  Initial practices under this agreement will include:

information on sustainable concessions at NASCAR events, expanding the use of DfE-labeled chemical products, conserving water, and continuing to grow the promotion and practice of all applicable types of recycling.

Additionally, NASCAR is committed to adopting greener products and to reducing its footprint such as proper recycling of automotive fluids.  Congrats to NASCAR and EPA on reaching this agreement; I too believe that if you show the benefits of sustainable practices it can save people and businesses money and protect your health.  Cheers.

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Do you need anybody? I need somebody to love.

Dan and I are very aware during our morning commutes (rabbits are cuter than tvs).  I found this lonely straggler on my block two days ago on my way to work.  I assume it was left for the bulk trash collectors or maybe for someone to enjoy a 1950’s TV.  Regardless, electronics have a proper home too and it’s not with bulk trash collectors, it’s with proper electronics recyclers.  All of the electronics we use on a daily basis contain dozens of chemicals you and I have trouble pronouncing and many that have been grandfathered in under the Toxic Substances Control Act (where the threat to human health is untested/undetermined).  When electronics are broken down and collected with bulk trash chemicals are released and tamper our air, soil and water and more recently it’s been found that electronics waste (aka e-waste) is now being shipped overseas into developing countries.  Due to our digital era, e-waste is the fastest growing waste sector.  Many retailers like Best Buy and Staples recycle old computers and laptops, and many e-manufacturers will recycle televisions; you can find everything you need on how to recycle your electronics here.  Just this month I carried my old printer on the metro to be recycled at Staples near my office.  If you have any questions about electronics pickups in your town I would call your local Department of Public Works or City Hall official.

I hope this was helpful, and enjoy the rest of your week.  The Green Light will now be posting on Sundays as well. Cheers.

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